Pet Memberships

We now have Pet Memberships in For Pets’ Sake Humane Society available for all of your furry (and feathery and slithery, etc.) friends. They are $15.00 a pet and if you send us a photo and description/story about your pet, we will post it here on our Pet Memberships page.

If you want your pet to become a member and supporter of For Pets’ Sake Humane Society, just click here to open the membership form, print it, fill it out and then send it along with the membership fee of $15.00 per pet to: For Pets’ Sake Humane Society, P.O. Box 1705, Cortez, CO 81321.

And of course we want to see photos of all of our pet members and hear their stories. For digital photos, please email them along with your pet’s description/story to our webmaster at: Printed photos and descriptions/stories can be mailed to For Pets’ Sake along with the pet membership application. Be sure that the photos and descriptions/stories have you pet’s name and your name on them. The photos will be posted from the date of receipt until July 30th, one month after our membership year ends on June 30th.

You can also make a donation to For Pets’ Sake in the memory of a friend or loved one, be it person or pet.

Pet Member Annie


Pet Member Buddy


“I met Emmitt while volunteering at the Cortez Shelter. He was just 3 weeks old. At two months he was ready for adoption. Of course Emmitt came home with me. He likes being close to me, sleeps on my feet and loves to be petted. Emmitt is quite the talker. I swear he calls me mama.” – Ann Elmore


Our mixed breed shepherd, Meg Ryan, has been a loyal pet member of FPS for several years. We walk in the Turkey Trot every year, sometimes in costumes! According to a DNA test, Meg’s ancestry includes: Chow Chow 25% Australian Cattle Dog 25% German Shepherd Dog 12.5% American Staffordshire Terrier 12.5% Beagle 12.5% Mixed-breed Groups Herding Terrier Asian Wild Canids When people stop to ask what breed she is, our response is “Purebred Navajo Shepherd”. She was picked up as a stray from the Rez.


Pet Member Brady


Pet Member Cleo


Pet Member Lexi


Pet Member M’sita


Pet Member Maxie


Pet Member Tomfoolery


Pet Member Spud


Pet Member Maddie May


Pet member, Gracie