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Spay/Neuter Program

Spaying and Neutering:
Key to the For Pets’ Sake Mission

The goal of For Pets’ Sake is to eliminate the suffering of unwanted animals by preventing them from being born in the first place. Planned Pethood has always been the FPS motto. Being unwanted is the most frequent cause of death in dogs and cats. This situation is presented to FPS every day with litters of kittens or puppies in need of homes and almost daily calls regarding dogs and cats owners can no longer home.

For many years FPS has paid up to one-half of the spaying/neutering of owned animals. A large part of this program is supported by a grant from the Colorado Pet Overpopulation Fund, which is funded by a checkoff on the Colorado State Tax form. FPS has received a grant from CPOF every year since 2004, proving the State of Colorado feels this is an important program too. Call FPS to see if you fit into the income guidelines for this program.

Vet with puppy
German Shepherd dog in a kennel
Happy dog next to owner's leg
The FPS Feral Cat Program pays 100% of the spay/neuter for each outdoor cat in the program and continues to have an impact on the feral cat population. Many feral cat spays each year are covered 100% by Friends of the Aspen Animal Shelter.
Cat in a box
Yellow, calico and brindle feral cats
Pup looking up
Petting a yellow dog
Another key step in fulfilling the FPS Spay/Neuter Mission is making sure that every foster dog or cat is spayed or neutered before adoption. For adult cats and older kittens, this means FPS pays the cost directly. For kittens and puppies, and sometimes even older dogs, FPS transfer partners handle the surgery. Transfer partners receive FPS fosters, spay and neuter them, and then place them for adoption. This saves FPS many hundreds of dollars a year.
A puppy after surgery

You Can Help

For every animal FPS spays/neuters, fewer unwanted animals will be born and hopefully more animals will find loving, forever homes.

If you would like to help support our Spay/Neuter Program, you can mail a check to For Pets’ Sake, P.O. Box 1705, Cortez, Colorado 81321 or click the button below to donate securely through PayPal.

For Pets’ Sake values transparency; we make our financial statements available for public review. We are happy to discuss our financial operations and answer any questions. Call (970) 565-7387 and someone will call you back.

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